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2020 t55 summer adventures

2020 t55 summer adventures
Registration Begins
Last Day To Register
4/1/2020 1:00 PM
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The last date for registration has passed.

Summer Camps for T55!

Please note Camp registration dates (Usually by March 1)

Note to New Scouts and New Scout Parents: New Scouts are eligible for Merit Badge Camps (1-4)

Mid-Adventure noted in Black (Some camps call their programs "High Adventure" even though we at Troop 55 designate these as Mid-Adventure.)

High Adventures (ages 14 ) noted in Green

Camps with crew size restrictions filled first come-first served for scouts.  Adults are not guaranteed spaces.  Adult spaces are a function of crew size and qualifications.

  1. Camp Yawgoog This Camp Is now Closed  (Rockville, RI): June 28 - July 5; Merit Badge Camp (all scouts eligible) - Approx. $1,400 total cost. Please sign up by February 6.Leader - Lauren Burke (
  2. Rodney Scout Reservation (Chesapeake Bay, MD) July 3 - July 11;  Merit Badge Camp (all scouts eligible), Brownsea First Year Program; Advanced Camper Experience (14+) - Approx. $1,200 total cost. (choose this no matter which of these three camps you want to attend.) Please sign up by March 1. Leader – Angela Enyart (  
  3. Camp Loll This Camp Is now Closed (Northwestern Wyoming) July 12 - July 18;  Merit Badge Camp (all scouts eligible) - Approx. $1,000 total cost. Please sign up by March 1. Leader – John Eikenburg (  
  4. Camp Emerald Bay This Camp Is now Closed(Catalina, CA) July 18 - July 25;  Merit Badge Camp (all scouts eligible) - Approx. $1,400 total cost. Please sign up by March 1. Leader – Doug Seaworth (  
  5. Entry Level Backpacking (Northern NM) July 5 – July 14; Chimayo Walkabout at Gorham Scout Ranch (12+), Introductory Backpacking (13+ as of Sept 1) – Approx. $1100 total cost.  Please sign up by March 1.  Leader – Charles Williams (
  6. Philmont (Sangre de Cristo Mountains, NM): June 11 – June 23; High Adventure (14+) - Approx. $1,600 total cost. Please sign up by March 1.Leader – Shawn Patterson (
  7. Manitoba Island Hopping Canoe Trek (Pioneer Camp Manitoba, Canada): June 20 – June 27; Mid Adventure (12+); includes 3 merit badges; Approx. $1,500 total cost. Please sign up by March 1. (pre-requisite Canoeing Merit Badge - Classes begin in MarchLeader – Janice Walden (  
  8. Northern Tier Canoe Trip (Ely, MN/Quetico Provincial Park, Canada): June 26 – July 7; High Adventure (14+ and weigh over 100 lbs) – Approx. $1,500 total cost. Please sign up by March 1. Leader – Jerrit Coward (  
  9. NYLT/NAYLE - Sign up directly with SHAC (NYLT) or the NAYLE location you choose and confirm/consult with Charles Williams at
  10. I am so bummed that I can't go to camp but I want a summer shirt!
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If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: David pesikoff

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